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CBR Cross Border Recruitment is a response to grooving needs of foreign partners of many Polish recruitment companies. At some point the major concern became not the quality of the product which was more than satisfactory but the quality of the service.

Our main goal is to make our customers recruitment ventures successful.

CBR specializes within car, building and ship industries. Though our customers satisfied with the provided services puts with us a lot of extraordinary tasks.
Our motto is to be inventive through tradition. Learning from the past experience we make use of the knowledge and skills, adjust it to suit customers needs. This is why we succeed and make the ones who entrusted us even more satisfied.

We do have all the necessary permits to operate as an government certified recruitment agency and a training center. We are also a proud member of Scandinavian Polish Chamber of Commerce and Northern Chamber of Commerce.

To make an initial query please contact Patryk Plaza
CBR Director at +48 513 052 452 or pjp@eucbr.pl

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